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My Mobile Site is the easy way to get a mobile website

Special Offer: Save $597 on development fees

Reach mobile users

More people search the internet for products and services on their phones than PC's.

Fast Setup

In most cases, we can have your new mobile website up and running within just 24 hours.

Connect & Interact

Link your Facebook & Twitter accounts to connect and stay in touch with your customers.

Mobile Website Builder

Be easy to find

Make your business easy to find with a location map that's easy to view on a mobile phone.

Quick Call

Our special quick call button allows potential clients to call your business fast with just a click!

Online Enquiry Form

Allow customers to engage with your site and make online enquiries for your products or services.

Get a mobile site. No Upfront Cost

Special: Save $597 on development fees

It's easy to make your website mobile friendly and in most cases we can turn your project around within just 24 hours.

You get a FREE MOBILE WEBSITE. We don't charge any upfront development costs to build your site you just pay as you go and can cancel or upgrade to a bigger mobile site anytime.

Make your website mobile friendly. Don't delay

From just $27.90 p/m

Fully active mobile website

Having trouble deciding which mobile site plan is right for you? Visit our FAQ section here

The convergence of local, social and mobile has opened up countless new opportunities for search marketers. Combining location awareness with recommendations from friends, user generated content and on-demand contextual information, it’s now possible to reach customers right when they’re ready to convert, regardless of where they may be located.

Matt Cutts / Head of Google Mobile Search

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My Mobile Site FAQ

Get all the answers about your new mobile website here. If you need more help please contact us for more info.

It’s your existing & potential customers who will receive the greatest benefit of your business having a properly dedicated & optimised mobile website. It just makes life easier for them and when there’s less barriers put between your customers & your services it makes your customers much more inclined to contact you. Businesses only have one chance to make an impression on their new potential clients. Business website owners need to understand that as much as 70% of all internet searches are conducted on mobile smart phones.

If your business doesn’t have a dedicated mobile site then you’re effectively making it difficult for 7 out of 10 users to browse & navigate through your website. When potential customers visit your website on their smart phones & they can easily learn about your services, contact you, or find you, then it dramatically increases your websites conversion rate.

Our mobile sites are feature rich and have lots of options. Some options include a fast-call button click to text button dedicated & customisable contact forms discount coupons image gallery Google maps functionality – and that’s just to name a few! There are some things that our sites won’t facilitate such as functionality that relies upon complex databases however this is very rarely encountered as most mobile sites are designed to be a simplified version of your main website. We also build mobile websites with highly customised functionality and you can use this contact form here to get in touch with us if you have a site that requires complex functionality.

It’s been rumoured that some of our mobile site technicians have prematurely returned from family holidays to ensure the delivery of a mobile site within 24hrs. We build them well & we build them fast. Provided it’s a business day you will have your mobile site completed within 24hrs from the time you sign up with us. Although we enjoy building premium quality mobile business websites we also enjoy efficient systematic customer service. We’ve founded our business on this so our customers can reap the benefits of our high quality service.

We wanted every customer to have all of the features so we made all of the plans the same. The only difference between the plans is the generous discounts we offer for people who are more committed and want to sign up for a longer plan. Our plans were designed to get you up & going fast so you can reap the rewards of having a dedicated mobile site without the upfront costs involved.

Whether you pay monthly, half yearly or just yearly, you get access to all of our great features and our legendary customer service. If you choose a 6 monthly plan then you will save 10%. If you choose a 12 month plan then you will save 15%. No rocket science here, just an old fashion tiered discount for people who choose to take more definitive action by signing up for a longer plan. It doesn’t matter what ticket you buy, it only matters that you jump aboard & reap the rewards.

Yes, you can cancel your mobile site hosting at any time throughout your billing cycle. If you’re on a monthly billing cycle then you can cancel at any time & you will not be billed again. Any and all cancellations will not be eligible for a pro rata refund. This means that if you opted for a 6 month billing cycle and you chose to cancel half way through that billing cycle you will not receive a refund for the remaining 3 months of your billing cycle which you opted to pay for upfront in order to acquire the discounted price.

Get the Facts About Mobile Sites

The internet has changed dramatically in recent years with the introduction of smartphones and faster mobile browsing speeds. We've listed some facts to share some of the important industry insights.

Since 2013, more people use mobile phones than PCs to get online, according to Gartner.
Smartphone owners already spend more time on their mobile devices than PCs.
By 2015, there will be one mobile device for every person on earth.
Mobile searches have grown by 400% since 2010, according to Google's Get Mo.
Most users prefer mobile sites for researching prices, product reviews and shopping.
71% of mobile users expect websites to load as quickly on their phones as their desktops.
43% of mobile web users are unlikely to return to a slow loading site.
57% would not recommend a business with a bad mobile sitev
40% have turned to a competitor's website after a bad mobile experience
My Mobile Site is compatible with all mobile phone browsers

The Benefits of Having a Mobile Site

We could carry on with dry statistical data that explains how it’s cash flow suicide if your business website isn’t optimised for a mobile but we think you already know that which is why you’re here.

What you should be asking yourself is; “if I choose not to make my website mobile friendly, am I doing all that I can to give my business the best chance of success”. Because we’re actively involved within the mobile website industry we get to see on a daily basis the results that our customers achieve by ensuring that their business website is efficient & easy to use on a mobile smart phone.

Let’s face it, its hard work to get visitors onto your website & if you’ve gone and done all the hard work to get them there then why would you waste that lead & risk that conversion by having a site that doesn’t work properly on mobiles. We take pleasure in fixing this issue for you so you can focus on running your business.

Another often overlooked reason to go mobile is strictly for SEO purposes. Having a dedicated mobile site as part of your overall online strategy has been proven to help websites rank better in the search engine results. When Google crawls your website and sees that there is a dedicated mobile site it factors this into its ranking algorithm and adjusts your rankings accordingly. Although the primary purpose of a high quality mobile site is to enhance user experience the added benefits of stronger rankings are always a welcomed bonus.

Don't delay. Get you your mobile website online and reap the rewards.

Mobile Site Options & Features

My Mobile Website offers loads of features to make mobile browsing easy and efficient for your customers. Here are some of the features that can be added to your site.

Business Location Map Business Location Map Powerful Fast Call Button Powerful Quick Call Button
Discount Coupon Features Discount Coupon Features Flexible Contact Forms Flexible Contact Forms
Social Media Intergration Social Media Intergration Custom Quick Text Button Custom Quick Text Button
PayPal Button Intergration PayPal Button Intergration Images and Image Sliders Images and Image Sliders
Super SEO Friendly Code Super SEO Friendly Code View  Classic Mode Option View Classic Mode Option
Extremely Easy to Navigate Extremely Easy to Navigate Multiple Location Maps Multiple Location Maps

Lots of Useful Features & Options

No matter type of business you run our mobile sites will facilitate your visitors with easy to navigate options to help them find exactly what their after in the shortest amount of time possible. We’ve designed them like this because we know that the less time a visitor spends wrestling with poor functionality the less likely they are to use your services.

We’ve received lots of feedback from business owners and visitors alike stating that our site are a pleasure to use. We can simplify & beautify the clunkiest of websites so that visitors on their smart phones can easily get in contact with you or find your location.

We’ve been designing & coding websites for more than a decade so we know exactly what works when it comes to mobile sites and your business can take advantage of that knowledge by utilising our services to build your mobile website.

Having a mobile site these days is essential if you wish to remain competitive in today’s online marketplace. Especially if your business is in service industries such as plumbing & locksmithing or a multitude of other business types where your customers don’t always have access to a computer when they need to find and use your services. We solve that problem for you and we do it with style. Your customers will be presented with a beautiful mobile friendly version of your website that is a pleasure for them to use.

customer testimonials

Testimonial From Sam Walters"...I was astounded when I looked at my monthly analytics report. I never realised just how big mobile search was & how many of my clients were reaching out to me this way..."
Sam Walters

Testimonial From Ivan Quinne"...I can confidently say that this has been one of the best additions I have made to my website in the last year. Nothing has given me more of a boost of customers than having a website that people can see properly on their smart phones..."
Ivan Quinne

Testimonial From David Walker"...I completely underestimated how effective it would be to have a proper mobile version of my website. It has created a steady stream of new leads & people seem to love it..."
David Walker

Testimonial From Jodie Williams"...If you're not looking to give your business an online advantage then why even bother being in business at all? The guys at '˜My Mobile Site' done a fantastic job & I was very impressed..."
Jodie Williams

More Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Update My Information: Yes! We provide free updates for life on any business details associated with your mobile website. If your business ever changes its phone number or address we will update your mobile website to reflect those changes free of charge. All informational edit requests are usually processed on the same day so you can focus on running your business.

Does This Affect My Normal Website: No! For your website visitors to see the dedicated mobile website when they visit your normal website on a smart phone a small piece of code needs to be placed on your current website. This small snippet of unseen code causes your visitors to be redirected to the mobile site only when they visit your site via a smart phone. We install this code free of charge for you or we provide you with the snippet of code if you wish to do it yourself.

Can Customers Still Visit My Real Site: Yes! In the footer section of all of our mobile websites there is a small link that says ‘classic view’. Whenever a person using their smart phone clicks on this link they will be redirected to your normal website which isn’t optimised for mobile phones correctly. This link can be handy if customers still wish to see what your normal website looks like.

Is This a Mobile Phone App: No! The sites we build are dedicated mobile websites. The advantages are that your customers aren’t required to install anything on their phone to use your mobile site. IPhone users have an option to save an app like icon to their home screen for fast access to your site however these mobile site don’t require users to install any software onto their mobile phones.

Meet the Team

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We improve your business's performance by making it easier for your cutomers to take action on their smart phones.

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this is a simple clean and modern psd template for corporate/agency

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